Theory & Practice Hawke's Bay Syrah 2015 / セオリー&プラクティス ホークスベイ シラー

Theory & Practice Hawke's Bay Syrah 2015 / セオリー&プラクティス ホークスベイ シラー


Residual Sugar: <2.0g/L

All fruit was hand-harvested and destemmed to open top fermenters. The grapes were ‘cold soaked’ for seven days before undergoing a quick fermentation with natural vineyard yeasts. After fermentation the young wine was pressed to tank before draining to French oak barrels (20% new). Malo-lactic fermentation was completed in barrel and the wine left to age on full lees. After 20 months of aging the barrels were blended and the wine bottled.

Deep red in colour with a purple hue. A complex savoury nose with fruit characters of blueberry and cranberry. Notes of wet earth, butchers block and floral spice give additional interest to the aromatic profile.

The palate is full bodied and rich with a toasty and meaty complexity. The spice notes are from both the fruit and the newer barrels. An umami like savouriness (beef stock and soy) comes from a long maturation time on yeast lees. The texture on the palate is from supple front palate grape skin tannins. These tannins help balance the fruit richness and give the wine structure without contributing hardness.

Enjoy this wine with grilled or braised red meat dishes.
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